Collaborations with Other Consortia

・IDEA League

The IDEA League is a consortium of leading European universities of science and technology and is comprised of RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, University Politecnico di Milano in Italy.


In 2009, the ASPIRE League, then named the Consortium of the World-Leading Technical Universities in Asia, and the IDEA League signed a joint declaration agreeing to accept each other’s students as participants in student exchange activities. Since then, students of the ASPIRE League member universities have participated in summer programs operated by IDEA League member universities, and students of IDEA League member universities have participated in student programs organized by the ASPIRE League.



ASPIRE League Secretariat – IDEA League Meeting (March, 2015)

ASPIRE League – IDEA League Meeting (April, 2011)