2014 ASPIRE E-Olympics

2014 ASPIRE E-Olympics Report

From August 7-9, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) hosted the first ASPIRE E-Olympics with more than 100 student participants. The participants included 19 students from NTU, 19 students from Tsinghua University, 10 students from Tokyo Tech including students participating in Campus Asia, 24 from HKUST and 30 KAIST students. The first ASPIRE E-Olympics was special in that it was a student-driven program aimed to promote competition and achieve harmony by exercising the body and mind. During the event, students took part in various activities: basketball, League of Legend gaming, dragon boat racing, lab tours, a special lecture, a quiz show and a relay race. Throughout the entire program, students actively participated in all of the activities demonstrating good sportsmanship and mutual respect. After the E-Olympics program, 17 students participated in tour of Seoul arranged by KAIST students from August 10-11.


Welcoming Ceremony:


Date: August 7


Venue: International Center, KAIST


The first ASPIRE E-Olympics kicked off with the welcoming ceremony at KAIST’s International Center.?The ceremony began with a recorded message from President Kang, and opening remarks from Associate Vice President Professor Chang?Dong Yoo. Vice President Seungbin Park and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Policy Younghoon Lee were also present to congratulate the participants. Following this, student representatives from each university took part in an oath-taking ceremony. Students solemnly swore that they would respect and abide by the rules which govern them. KAIST’s cheerleading group ELKA (Encouraged Leaders of KAIST) gave a special performance to demonstrate the spirit of the ASPIRE E-Olympics.




Student Activities: Basketball, League of Legend and Dragon Boat Racing

Date: August 8

Venue: Various locations at KAIST and the Gapcheon River

The following day, there were preliminary basketball and League of Legend games at KAIST.

In the afternoon, students went to the Gapcheon River for dragon boat racing.




Lab Tours

Date: August 8

Venue: KAIST

Students had the opportunity to visit some of the most prominent labs at KAIST: “Bio-Imaging and Cell Signaling,” “C-Friend,” “E-Mobility,” and “Mechatronics Systems and Control.”



Special Lecture

Date: August 8

Venue: Jang Yeongshin Student Union Hall, KAIST

Professor Joosung Lee from the KAIST Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management gave a special lecture to the students on “Entrepreneurship through Global Networking.” Students listened attentively as he explained the impact of university entrepreneurship and how the paradigm is shifting from “teaching universities” and “research universities” to “entrepreneurial universities.” After the lecture, Professor Lee answered some of the students’ questions and engaged in discussion.



Student Clubs Night

Date: August 8

Venue: Mirae Hall, KAIST

The day ended with the Student Clubs Night where several KAIST student clubs performed.

The student clubs included CJDH (jazz band), Six Line (acoustic guitar band), Sorimoeum (Korean traditional?nstrumental group), Mind Freak (magic) and Illusion (hip hop).




Student Activities: Quiz Show, Basketball, League of Legend and Relay Race Game

Date: August 9

Venue: KAIST

The day started off with a quiz show comprising teams of three students from each university.

After the quiz show, basketball and League of Legend continued throughout the day as the students competedwith each other for 1st place.





Closing Ceremony

Date: August 9

Venue: Faculty Club, KAIST

The ASPIRE E-Olympics concluded with a closing ceremony to congratulate all the participants for their hard work. NTU won 1st place and during the closing ceremony, and each university received an award to take home. The students celebrated after dinner, congratulating each other and taking pictures together. We would like to thank all participants and the staff who made this event worthwhile and meaningful.






ASIRE E-Olympics Schedule:


Date Time Schedule Location
Aug 7 (Thu) 1:00PM~6:00PM Arrival, dormitory check-in and campus tour
6:00PM~9:00PM Welcome party Multipurpose Hall (W2-1)
Aug 8 (Fri) 8:00AM~9:00AM Breakfast North Cafeteria
9:00AM~12:00PM Basketball and League of Legend Gym in W2 & Multipurpose Hall (W2-1)
12:00PM~1:00PM Lunch West Cafeteria
1:00PM~4:00PM Water challenge Daejeon Gapcheon Sports
4:00PM~6:00PM Lab tour at KAIST
6:00PM~7:00PM Dinner North Cafeteria
7:00PM~8:00PM Special Lecture: Entrepreneurship through Global Networking (Prof. Joosung Lee, Graduate School of Innovation and Tech. Management) Multipurpose Hall, Jang Yeongshin Student Union Hall (N13-1)
8:00PM~10:00PM Performance by KAIST clubs Mirae Hall (N13)
Aug 9 (Sat) 8:00AM~9:00AM Breakfast North Cafeteria
9:00AM~10:00AM Quiz show Turman Hall (E11)
10:00AM~12:00PM Basketball and League of Legend Sports Complex &Multipurpose Hall (W2-1)
12:00PM~1:00PM Lunch North Cafeteria
1:00PM~3:00PM Relay race (12 students per school) Sports Complex
3:00PM~6:00PM Basketball and League of Legend Sports Complex &Multipurpose Hall (W2-1)
6:00PM~9:00PM Dinner, closing ceremony, and farewell party Faculty Club (E5)
Aug 10 (Sun) 8:00AM~9:00AM Breakfast North Cafeteria
9:00AM~ Departure

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